A relaxed body expresses wellbeing and provides the basis for real beauty. This wellbeing is achievable only through professionalism, highest product quality and cognition of your individual needs.


To offer a holistic sense of wellbeing, which equally eases body and soul, is one of our biggest objectives. Therefore we offer you a broad range of wellness treatments, which will spice up your relaxation holiday at the Verwall with that certain something: from gentle massages through to beauty treatments with products from Piroche, a cosmetic line featuring precious natural ingredients based on the traditional Chinese medicine. In order to receive your desired appointments for special wellness moments of happiness, we recommend you to make your reservations already along with your room booking: Phone +43 5558 8206-0 – email info@verwall.com. We would be glad to advise you and arrange an individual beauty package for your wellness holiday at the Hotel Verwall in Montafon.


Treat yourself to immeasurable wellbeing. Enjoy the pleasant touches during a massage and experience the pleasure of relaxing body masks. You will receive a new feeling of life full of energy, harmony and vigour.

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology massage with vitalising Alpine herb footbath. Special massage techniques will determine weaknesses in the organism, solve potential blockages, ease tensions and provide the entire body with new energy.


approx. 50 minutes
75 €

Sports massage

Relaxing and activating massage which will help you to get back on your feet thanks to invigorating aromatic oils from the Alps – particularly soothing after sportive activities.

approx. 25 minutes
38 €

Combo massage

Special massage which combines, as the name already suggests, the benefits and soothing effects of a back and foot reflexology massage.

approx. 50 minutes
68 €

Lymphatic drainage according Dr. Vodder

The lymphatic drainage will benefit the immune, cleansing and transport system and is therefore influencing the entire body. The gentle manual technique will remove blockages and give you a feeling of lightness.

approx. 25 minutes (face)
32 €
approx. 40 minutes (body)
50 €

Après-sports massage with vitalising effect

Tonic muscle massage (50 min) with cooling organic aroma, followed by a vitalising Alpine rose cream body mask (20 min) – it will stimulate your blood flow, ease your tensions and encourage your metabolism. Highly recommendable after sportive activity!

approx. 70 minutes
85 €

Russian-Tibetan massage with honey

The honey massage is a purification and detoxification massage, which is based on the principles of traditional Tibetan and Russian naturopathy and the healing effect on the valuable contents of the honey during the stimulation of the reflex zones. Discomfort and pain can be attributed to a lack of detoxification of the body, the honey massage improves your wellbeing.

approx. 25 minutes
36 €

Aromatic head massage

Relieve of fatigue and headaches. Used to reduce relaxation to relieve stress, also relieves tension in the neck / shoulder area.

approx. 25 minutes
35 €

Neck-shoulder special

Loosens the muscles, also relieves headaches, stimulates blood circulation and gives new energy. Particular efficacy in muscle tension and malposition after pain.

approx. 25 minutes
35 €

Soft body massage for children

Varies after age and height. Individual treatment for children aged 8 to 16.

approx. 15 minutes
20 €

Body treatments for her & him

Gentle peeling and kneading, lotioning and caring…If your entire skin is soft and smooth, you will feel way more comfortable in it. Essential oils, high quality plant emulsions and bioenergetics treatment methods will provide relaxation and balance.

Energetic body scrub

Full body peeling which provides an enduring feeling of freshness, wellbeing and lightness.

approx. 25 minutes
25 €

Deceleration treatment

Special treatment which will prepare you for all activities – including visualisation of the reflex zones of your back and a soothing back massage/drainage with essential oils that will ease blockages. Arrive. Relax. Decelerate.

approx. 30 minutes
37 €

Infiltrans cellulite wrap & body scrub

Intensively draining and visibly lifting Piroche Cosmetiques body poultice with active herbal ingredients. It has been developed to pointedly stimulate the fat cell metabolism, to lift and tighten the skin and tissues as well as to strengthen the blood vessels.

approx. 70 minutes
79 €

Infiltrans cellulite poultice & ultrasound

Intensive and effective: the combination of poultice and ultrasound enables us to focus even more on the individual problematic areas in order to achieve more enduring treatment results. In addition, the treatment includes a cleaning body scrub.

approx. 90 minutes
108 €

Heavy Leg Wrap

Cleaning body scrub and cooling leg wrap which is ideal against heavy and tired legs – in case of blood vessel problems or just after sportive activity as well as a soothing relief during pregnancy. Our advice: Improve the efficiency of this treatment with an ultrasound screening.

approx. 60 minutes
68 €
if combined with Ultrasonic - approx. 20 minutes
29 €

Natural beauty & pure harmony

From classic facial treatments to a radiant complexion through to special cleansing rituals with innovative cosmetic products. Our expert beauty team offers everything your heart might desire – for her and him, for young and old. Give yourself a treat!

Noesis vitamin power treatment (60 min)

Deeply effective facial treatment consisting of: cleansing, peeling, aroma therapy, bioenergetics facial lymph drainage, cleansing, vitamin ampoule, moulded lift-off mask and finishing care with Noesis vitamin complex.

approx. 60 minutes
80 €

Noesis vitamin power treatment (110 min)

Effective facial treatment which aims to gently slow down the natural aging process of the skin. It will provide your skin with freshness, brightness und tonicity, refine your pores and counteract to pigmentation. Including bioenergetics back tension solving treatment and manual massage with multivitamin serum.

approx. 110 minutes
110 €

All for the moment

Intensive zone treatment of the eye area in case of shadows, wrinkles, congestions, tired and heavy eyelids.

approx. 30 minutes
40 €

Ultrasound well-ageing treatment

Cleansing, peeling, aroma therapy, bioenergetics facial lymph drainage, cleansing, individual ultrasound screening with vitamin/retinol ampoule, moulded lift-off mask and finishing care.

approx. 90 minutes
105 €

Relaxing facial treatment for him

Deep regeneration, vitality and energy – especially for skins stressed from shaving. A special massage technique and high quality organic aromas will solve tensions of the facial expression. A pore-refining and cleansing mask will harmonically round out the treatment.

approx. 60 minutes
65 €

Activating facial treatment for him

Energy build-up for back and neck, followed by a relaxing facial treatment. It will solve blockages and remineralise the skin – for a feeling of freshness and a strengthened facial tone.

approx. 90 minutes
98 €

Lifting treatment with ultrasound screening for him

Cleansing, peeling, aroma therapy, bioenergetics facial lymph drainage, individual ultrasound screening with multivitamin serum, tonic gel mask and finishing care.

approx. 60 minutes
85 €

Teenies Young Care

Individually customised treatment for the youthful teenage skin from 11 to 17 years of age.

approx. 60 minutes
50 €

Basics for a natural beauty

Natural beauty often doesn’t take much to shine in new splendour. Treat yourself and give your body, your face, your hands and feet some special attention – with our basic wellness treatments.


Gentle, effective epilation with wax – for a long-lasting smooth skin.

Legs full
45 €
Legs to the knees
31 €
16 €
45 €
Chin or upper lip
8 €
Bikini area
20 €

Eyebrows & eyelashes

Classic eyebrow and eyelashes care for her and him.

Eyebrow shaping
9 €
Eyelash dyeing
12 €
Eyebrow dyeing
9 €
Eyebrow dyeing and shaping as well as eyelash dyeing
27 €

Wellness for your feet

For this wonderful treatment we use natural and pure essential oils for your designated areas of your body at your soles. With this, your whole body including your inner organs are detoxified. You will feel relaxed and tension relieved afterwards. All treatments include: footbath, exfoliation, toenail cutting and filing, nail polish and a massage of your feet with essential oils.

approx. 60 minutes
60 €

Manicure / Hand care

Full treatment for velvet-soft hands and groomed nails – with hand bath, cutting, cuticle removal and nail varnish on demand.

approx. 60 minutes
43 €
with nail varnish
48 €

Rosalpina - with the power of nature

The Alpine beauty concept “Phytostaminal Rosalpina & Alpine Herbs” is based on the unique effects of Alpine medicinal plants and herbs as well as crystal clear South Tyrolean mountain spring water. The phyto stem cells of the Alpine rose will strengthen the skin against harmful environmental influences and even prevent premature skin aging. Additional Alpine plants as St John’s wort, marigold, camomile, gentian and juniper will further improve the natural protective function of the skin. 100% nature!

Rosalpina vitality treatment (face)

Deeply effective facial treatment with cleansing, peeling, vitalising massage/drainage with Rosalpina serum, firming mask, and Rosalpina finishing care.

approx. 60 minutes
75 €

Rosalpina intensive regeneration (face)

Intensive facial treatment with bioenergetics back tension solving treatment, cleansing, peeling, aroma therapy, bioenergetics facial drainage, cleansing, manual massage with Rosalpina serum, firming mask and Rosalpina finishing care.

approx. 90 minutes
105 €

Rosalpina treatment ritual (body)

It gives your body a feeling of lightness and helps the skin to protect itself from climatic changes. Framed is this relaxing ritual with the soothing scents of alpine rose, Swiss stone pine and mountain herbs such as Arnica, St. John's Wort and Evening Primrose. This ritual treatment is primarily for cosmetic purpose and helps in revitalization of the tissue. Because of the ionizing effect, it is recommended as a highlight after sporting activities. Overall a memorable experience for body and mind.

approx. 55 minutes
70 €

Rosalpina body scrub incl. body wrap

Revitalising body scrub cream with essential oils of the Alpine rose, Swiss stone pine, mallow and marigold. Their ingredients and a gentle massage will invigorate the skin and gently remove dead skin cells in order to make it harmonious and soft. Mallow and marigold have a calming effect as well. The own protective function of the skin is stimulated and irritations are gently soothed.

approx. 70 minutes
75 €

Rosalpina whole body massage

Vitalising massage with Alpine rose, arnica and evening primrose oil as well as vitamin E. It will stimulate the skin cells, strengthen their protective barriers, make them more resilient, elastic and smooth as well as provide new energy.

approx. 50 minutes
68 €

Rosalpina section massage

You decide which body parts you want to be treated with individually bio-aromas. In addition to the relaxation of muscles, the skin's natural functions are supported and the blood and lymph flow stimulated.

approx. 25 minutes
35 €

Ultrasound - ultrasonic success

Cosmetic ultrasound treatments are among the most innovative applications the professional cosmetic care has to offer. This technique will have an enduring effect on the tissue structure of the treated areas. Ultrasound treatment further stimulates the cell metabolism, burns toxic agents and supports the blood and lymph circulation. When used on the face, ultrasound further results in a particularly smoothing effect on expression wrinkles.

Ultrasound treatment face

Visible tightening of the skin as well as proven effectiveness in case of pigmentation, skin unevenness, large-pored skin, scars, couperosis and acne. Every ultrasound treatment includes: cleansing, peeling, specific organic aroma, ultrasound, specific finishing care.

approx. 30 minutes
35 €
if included in a facial treatment - approx. 15 minutes
18 €

Ultrasound treatment body

The treatment will tighten, purify, directly aim at fat reduction as well as help against cellulite, lymph congestions and tensions. Every treatment includes: body scrub, specific organic aroma, ultrasound, specific finishing care.

approx. 50 minutes
63 €
if included in a body treatment - approx. 40 minutes
54 €