Offering quality and service at the highest level. Enabling fascinating holiday experiences. Ensuring you won’t miss anything from the first to the last moment. This is how perfect moments of happiness are supposed to be at the Verwall – for us as well as for you.

For us, the Durig family and our longstanding staff, hospitality is not just a word. We put all of our heart in it and we always gladly take our time to have a little conversation during a hiking tour or sitting over a good glass of wine. Personal contact and closeness to our guest are one of our greatest concerns, as well as honesty and mutual respect, in order to create a house full of joy and happiness. Whether at the reception, the service, the kitchen or the wellness area, our motivated team is constantly concerned about your wellbeing. We always have a sympathetic ear for your needs and persistently try to read as most wishes as possible in your eyes. Supported by the blithe, familiar atmosphere at our house, we would like to provide you with a cosy feeling of security. At our Verwall you will be surrounded by friendly and caring people – from the individual welcome at your arrival to your departure. Your satisfaction and your wellbeing is the standard we strive for every day.


Our strength

Small distinctions
Our philosophy
Happiness lies in the small things

We bear a passion which lets us strive for greatness. For something tangible. Something that remains. Often forgetting about the small. These so called little things. Those who may seem unworthy or even ridiculous. But together these little things are great and in sum they make up our life.

Our fortune
On the inside as on the outside

Happiness and a respectful togetherness are part of our philosophy. That’s why we do our work in a sustainable, responsible way as well as with particular joy. We strive to be creative every day anew. Every guest should feel how dear to our heart they are. We are proud to call many guests our friends, who feel at home here with us and keep coming back.


Andrea Durig